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Policy/Guidelines Update
DATE ISSUED: February 2018
TO: Chief Information Officers (CIO)
Information Security Officers (ISO)
Agency Chief Information Officers (AIO)
Agency Information Security Officers (AISO)
SUBJECT: Updated Information Technology Cost Report


State law (Government Code 11546.2) directs all Agency/state entities to submit a summary of their actual and projected information technology, information security, and telecommunications costs for the immediately preceding fiscal year and current fiscal year in a format prescribed by the California Department of Technology in order to capture statewide information technology expenditures. The Information Technology (IT) Cost Report Template, included within Statewide Information Management Manual (SIMM) Section 55, is the reporting mechanism that Agencies/state entities will use to provide these costs. The IT Cost Report Template has been expanded to include detailed cost breakdowns of information security expenditures categorized by security domains. Additionally, an IT Security Glossary is included to provide IT security definitions of the various categories and IT security domains.


The purpose of this policy/guidelines update is to announce the following:
  • Revised SIMM Section 55 Information Technology Cost Report to include new cost categories by security domains and an IT Security Glossary to provide definitions of new categories and security domains.

  • For the FY 2016-17 IT Cost Report only, the CDT submission deadline is extended to May 1, 2018.

  • Agencies/state entities must submit their IT Cost Report and any attachments securely to CDT using the Secure Automated File Exchange (SAFE) system, see submission instructions in SIMM Section 55 for details.


The following reference materials are associated with this policy/guideline update. Statewide Information Management Manual (SIMM) is available on the Department of Technology’s website located at: https://cdt.ca.gov/policy/simm/. The State Administrative Manual (SAM) is available on the Department of General Services website located at:http://sam.dgs.ca.gov/.
  • SAM Section 4903.2
  • SIMM Sections 55 and 05A
  • Government Code Section 11546.2
  • Information Technology Policy Letter 10-18
  • Technology Letters 11-2, 12-14, and 17-01

Questions regarding this announcement should be directed to the CDT Office of Information Security at: security@state.ca.gov.

PG 18-002